Are you looking for a beautiful, durable tabletop that fits any setting? Commercial glass tabletops are the perfect solution! These tables are made from high-quality glass and are tough enough to handle heavy use but still, look beautiful. Plus, they’re easy to clean – no matter how messy your restaurant gets! If you’re interested in adding a commercial glass tabletop to your business, read on for the best advice on how to go about it.

What Are Commercial Glass Tabletops?

Commercial tabletops are made from high-quality tempered glass resistant to scratches, fingerprints, and other smudges. This type of tabletop is also hardwearing and can last many years without needing repairs or replacements.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for use in any room. They are available in clear and stained versions, allowing you to choose the look that best suits your needs. Commercial glass tabletops are environmentally friendly because they don’t require harmful chemicals or sealants. 

What Are The Types of Commercial Glass Tabletops?

Annealed Glass

Annealed glass is a type of commercial glass that has been treated in a special way to be used as a desktop or countertop. The process begins by heating the glass until it reaches its molten point (around 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit). After reaching this temperature, the heat is removed very slowly over several hours, creating an annealed product. 

Why use Annealed Glass? 

There are many reasons why commercial glass producers believe that annealed glass is the future of commercial glass products. For one thing, annealing gives this flexibility to contrast with other types of office glasses. It makes it more suitable for outdoor uses such as restaurant patios and pool areas where rain and sunlight exposure are common factors. Additionally, annealing allows manufacturers to add specialty colors or patterns that may not be possible with entreated glasses, such as tinted glasses with adornments.

Tempered Glass

A commercial tempered glass tabletop is amazing for any business. It’s a sturdy, sleek, and professional choice that will enhance the look of your space. Not only does it protect your furniture from scratches and dents, but it also adds an air of luxury and sophistication to your establishment.

A commercial tempered glass tabletop comes in a variety of colors and styles to suit any décor. You can choose between traditional wood grain designs or modern, sleek lines that are perfect for trendy businesses.

Laminated Commercial Glass

A laminated commercial glass tabletop is a great option for businesses that want to enhance the look and feel of their space but don’t want to break the bank. These tables are made from high-quality laminate that is treated with a special coating that makes them resistant to scratches and other forms of damage. Plus, they come in an array of colors and design options that perfectly match your brand’s aesthetic.

One important note: ensure you get a large enough table to fit your needs! Some tables are designed as surface displays only, while others can also function as stand-alone pieces of furniture. It’s best to speak with one of our experts about which table would be perfect for your business.

Security Glass

Many businesses are looking for a cost-effective way to increase security and protect their assets. Security glass commercial tabletops can provide an effective solution for protecting valuable items from theft or damage.

Security glass commercial table tops come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, making them perfect for any business setting. They also offer perks like shatterproof protection and resistance to scratches, dust, and fingerprints.

When choosing security glass commercial tabletops, it is important to consider the specific needs of your business. Some models include built-in sensors that detect movement or tampering, while others feature digital displays that allow employees easy access to data or images without having to remove the tabletop. Whichever model you choose, be sure to select one with reliable specs and customer reviews that reflect your particular needs!

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass commercial glass tabletop provides a durable and frost-resistant surface for your food service business. These tabletop surfaces come in different colors and designs to perfectly match the aesthetics of your establishment. It withstands extreme temperatures, making it ideal for busy restaurants or cafes.

Tinted, Frosted, and Colored Glass

  • Tinted glass is the most basic type and only offers a slight color change from light to dark. It’s ideal for use in rooms that don’t need a lot of visual stimulation or where white furniture clashes with darker colors. 
  • Frosted glass provides more depth than tinted glass by changing the tone slightly from light to dark throughout the entire surface area. This type is best suited for rooms with lighter tones on one side but wants something deeper on the other for example, a living room with two different shades of blue. 
  • Colored glasses offer the richest color changes thanks to tiny metal balls embedded inside the surface. As you move your chair or touch them, these balls respond instantly by releasing small amounts of dye into the air. This creates an intense range of colors that will always look fresh no matter how often they’re used!

Which Glass is Best for Tabletops?

Tempered glass is a popular choice for table tops because it has several benefits. First, tempered glass is impervious to scratches and other damage, making it ideal for areas prone to spills or accidental contact. It also looks more attractive than standard glass tables, and the transparency allows you to see what’s on the table without having to strain your eyes. Finally, tempered glass is shatterproof – meaning that if it falls from a high enough height, it will not break into pieces.

There are two main types of tempered glass: single-layer and multi-layer. Single-layer tempering only uses one layer of metal reinforcement between the layers of sandglass which is the material used for Tempered Glass, while multi-layer tempering uses multiple layers in order to increase its resistance to impact and shattering. The most common type of multi-layered tempering is 3×3 oval battens or bricks, which give unsurpassed strength and stiffness across all directions.

Benefits of Using Commercial Glass Tabletop

There are many benefits to using commercial glass tabletops. First of all, transparent glass table tops are the easiest to clean. This is because they don’t accumulate dirt and dust like other tables. They also create an illusion of space, which can help your room look bigger. Furthermore, transparent glass table tops protect the underlying table from scratches and damage, making it easier for you to use the table without worrying about accidents happening. Finally, by displaying items on a transparent glass tabletop instead of a regular one, you can increase the elegance and sophistication of your presentation area. There are many styles and options available when it comes to choosing a glass tabletop – so there’s no need to feel limited!

Considerations When Buying Commercial Glass Tabletops

When it comes to buying commercial glass tables, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure that the table is big enough for your needs. Second, be sure to consider the weight limit of the table. Third, be sure to choose a table that is compatible with your business’s branding and image. Fourth, think about how you will use the table – Will it mostly serve as an aesthetic piece, or will it be used for more practical purposes? Fifth, decide on the price range that works best for you. Sixth, and finally, consider any warranty or protection plan the manufacturer offers.

Once you have answered these questions and made other necessary decisions (such as choosing a color scheme), shopping for commercial glass tables can be easy!

How Do You Install a Glass Tabletop?

A glass tabletop can be fastened to wood using Velcro mounting tape, clear silicone, epoxy adhesive, or table bumper anti-slip pads. The method chosen will vary depending on personal preference, the durability of the table, and the concealing the edges of the glass.

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Glass Tabletops

Commercial glass tables are a vital part of any business and need to be kept in good condition to function optimally. Here are some maintenance tips that will help keep your glass table looking great:

  • Keep the glass clean. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth every week or two to remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints. If there is anything sticky on the surface, use a mild soap solution never hot water to dissolve it before wiping it off again.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or artificial light. This can cause damage over time and lead to fading of colors and discoloration of the surface. Instead, place your table near an indirect light source.
  • Protect against humidity and moisture accumulation by regularly applying sealants or coatings explicitly designed for commercial glass surfaces sold separately. These products protect the finish while retaining transparency and visual appeal.

Where to Find The Best Commercial Glass Tabletop for Your Business?

At Scottsdale Glass Company, our mission is to provide the industry with the highest quality commercial glass tables and top platforms. We specialize in creating beautiful and functional glass tables that are perfect for any business.

Our team of experts has years of experience working with various types of businesses, so we know exactly what it takes to create a successful table project. From design consultations to final delivery, we take care of every detail so you can focus on your business goals. Call us at 480-660-8348 or visit our website to learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation!